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Sometimes one stumbles into one's life work, unaware of the choices that have led them there. I have been around woodworking all my life, whether it was assisting my father, who was a talented carpenter, or working for various cabinetmakers. I started my own business in 1995 doing handyman-type jobs, while slowly building my clientele. I studied furniture and cabinet construction in great detail and began my journey in the world of custom woodworking. I continue to study woodworking and to look for new and better ways to do things, keeping in mind that sometimes a traditional solution remains the best.

I have developed excellent relationships with a variety of sub-contractors such as plumbers, electricians, tile installers, counter top fabricators, finishers and more. Therefore, my customers can communicate directly with me and avoid having to deal with multiple contractors.

Because I believe that working closely with my customers is important, I schedule only one client at a time.